American College of Forensic Psychology
34th Annual Symposium
April 12-15, 2018
San Diego, California


We will not be supplying printed handouts for the presentations this year. Instead, all the speakers have been asked to provide electronic copies, which are linked below. Please download the handouts to your computer, smartphone or tablet and save them to your desktop. This way you may view them on your device while at the meeting. If you need printed handouts while you're at the Symposium, please print them out in advance and bring them with you to San Diego. We will be adding new handouts to this page as we receive them from the presenters. This web page is meant only for registered Symposium attendees and will be available until June 1.

Thursday, April 12

Sexual predators: Examining the continuum and the legal implications
John W. Podboy Ph.D., Robert Halon, Ph.D., Valerie McClain, Psy.D.

The evolution of psychology and science in single and serial homicide investigations
John H. White, Ph.D. handout

Psychopharmacology update for forensic psychologists and attorneys
Kristine M. Jacquin, Ph.D., Amanda K. Armstrong, MS, Jonathan C. Blassingame, MSW handout (updated)

Psychology and forensic aspects of hate crime, racism, and xenophobia
Jamshid A. Marvasti, M.D. handout

Common juror misconceptions: When psychological experts are essential
Hollida Wakefield, M.A. handout

Room 1--(Versailles Ballroom)

Essentials of Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention
Part 1: Suicide risk assessment
Joseph H. Obegi, Psy.D. handout (updated)

Room 2--(Regency Room)

The forensic psychologist's role in juvenile resentencing hearings
Valerie R. McClain, Psy.D. handout

Traveling to meet an undercover agent
Dr. Elliot Atkins, Thomas F. Haworth, Ph.D., John H. White, Ph.D. handout

Parental alienation and reunification procedures when autism is a consideration
David L. Holmes, Ed.D. handout

Seeing in the dark: The mystery of origins
Dee Moise Langford, Ed.D. handout

Friday, April 13

Soldiers, savants, and sexual crimes: An examination of two groups of child pornography offenders
James W. Schutte, Ph.D. and Christopher W. Schutte handout

"Some things are too hot to touch": Competency, the right to sexual autonomy, and the roles of lawyers and expert witnesses
Michael L. Perlin, J.D., LL.D. (honorary), Alison J. Lynch, Esq., Valerie R. McClain, Psy.D. handout

Forensic skills workshop: The role of the psychologist in civil and criminal litigation
Dr. Elliot Atkins, Elizabeth Kelley, J.D., Michael Perlin, J.D., Gretchen von Helms, J.D., Thomas Haworth, Ph.D., Valerie McClain, Psy.D.

Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention
Part 2: Intervention
Joseph H. Obegi, Psy.D. handout (updated)

Saturday, April 14

Juvenile fitness and mitigation: Parental influences in development and drug use
Ines Monguio, Ph.D. handout 1   handout 2

Life-history based forensic evaluations in death penalty cases
Matthew Mendel, Ph.D. handout

A second chance: New direction of juvenile transfer case law
Mark Burdick, Ph.D., Attorney Larry Biggam, Ted Fairbanks handout

Legal issues and practice developments in risk of violence/re-offense predictions
John T. Philipsborn, J.D., M.Ed. handout

Reining it in: Making ethical decisions in a forensic practice
Donna M. Veraldi, Ph.D., Lorna Veraldi, J.D., Kristine M. Jacquin, Ph.D., Jonathan C. Blassingame, MSW, Francis Abueg, Ph.D., Leon Morris, Ed.D. handout

Sunday, April 15

Behavior changing hats: When quantitative observation becomes qualitative analysis and its own conclusion
Robert L. Halon, Ph.D. and John W. Podboy, Ph.D. handout

Psychologists who are stalked by their clients: The dangers of working in direct care
Melissa Ring, M.A. handout

Pulling the wool over the fact finders' eyes: Establishing sexual dangerousness in SVP risk assessments
Brian R. Abbott, Ph.D. handout 1   handout 2  handout 3   handout 4

Sex offenders: Prevention, treatment, and risk assessments
John H. White, Ph.D. handout

Forensic psychological assessment, measurement and understanding of lethal violence
Michael J. Perrotti, Ph.D. handout

How could he do that?
William K. Marek, Ph.D. handout