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ACFP 2023 Symposium Proposal Submission Form
Write a description of your presentation, including the major points that your talk or panel will cover. The summary should be at least 250 words and no more than 500 words.
Clearly describe what the learner will know or be able to do as a result of having attended your presentation. Objectives must be observable and measurable. Verbs to consider using include: list, describe, discuss, summarize, explain, demonstrate, apply, analyze, plan, assess, compile. AVOID using: know, understand, learn, appreciate, become aware of. Student poster proposals do not have to provide learning objectives.
Acceptable presentations must adhere to the definition of continuing education in that they improve service to the public and enhance contributions to the profession. The content of your presentation must meet one of the following:

1. Program content focuses on application of psychological assessment and/or intervention methods that have overall consistent and credible empirical support in the contemporary peer reviewed scientific literature beyond those publications and other types of communications devoted primarily to the promotion of the approach;

2. Program content focuses on ethical, legal, statutory or regulatory policies, guidelines, and standards that impact psychological practice, education, or research;

3. Program content focuses on topics related to psychological practice, education, research other than application of psychological assessment and/or intervention methods that are supported by contemporary scholarship grounded in established research procedures.

Describe in detail how the content of your presentation meets one of the three statements above. Be sure to indicate which of the three the talk meets. Student poster proposals do not have to provide curriculum content information.
Please provide at least 3 current, relevant, supporting, and complete references as evidence that the content of your talk meets the Curriculum Content criterion you specified above. This supportive evidence should directly reflect the narrative and content being delivered, i.e., references that reflect the full breadth of the learning objectives and narrative. Student poster proposals should list the references cited in their proposal.
As we do every year, we will be submitting an application to the State Bar of California to offer continuing education credits for attorneys attending the Symposium. To be approved, the activity must relate to legal subjects directly relevant to members of the State Bar or have significant current professional and practical content. Please briefly describe how the content of your talk is relevant to attorneys. Student poster proposals do not have to provide MCLE information.
Please provide a brief bio (no more than 100 words) that will be used to introduce you at the meeting and for publication in the program. Please emphasize your expertise in the area of your proposal. In addition, please send your CV to Student poster proposers do not need to send a CV.
Please click here to indicate your agreement to submit your presentation and, if relevant, handouts, to before March 1, 2023.
Please click here to agree with this statement: If my presentation is accepted and placed on the ACFP Symposium program, I promise to register for the Symposium and deliver the presentation. Note that presenters will pay a discounted registration fee.