About Us

The American College of Forensic Psychology (ACFP) is a professional organization dedicated to providing forensic psychology education that is scientifically based and professionally relevant. Professional members are psychologists from the United States and beyond who serve the civil and criminal courts as evaluators and expert witnesses and who train others to become forensic psychologists. Members also include attorneys, other forensic mental health professionals, and forensic psychology students. ACFP functions as a professional and educational provider to its members.

ACFP was founded in 1982 by Ed and Debbie Miller. Since 1983, ACFP has published the American College of Forensic Psychology, a quar­terly journal in forensic psychology. Since 1985, ACFP has offered continuing education meetings.


The educational goals of ACFP continuing education events are: to keep doctoral-level psychologists abreast of important issues which lie within the interface of psychology and law; to provide educational activities that are relevant to psychological practice, education and science; to update the participant on clinical, legal and academic issues; to enable the psychologist participants to keep up with current scientific evidence concerning assessment, intervention and prevention; to provide a forum for case discussion among participating psychologists; and to introduce relevant new research that applies to this area of expertise. Psychologists attending the annual conference share ideas and experiences and promote the development of knowledge and skills, thus improving their competence in their professional practice, to improve service to the public and enhance contributions to the profession. By providing a varied program of educational topics and encouraging active participation and interaction, critical inquiry and balanced judgment are strengthened.